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Your Store Front will Include

Your Own Domain

“Every store owner owns a domain for his store, forever, and you will never need to pay fees for the domain for the duration of your subscription to the services of MNASATI.

Fully Compatible with All Smartphones

MNASATI stores are being developed from the ground up to be fully compatible with all popular smartphone operating systems, which 80% of internet pioneers use daily through their smartphones or tablets, these OS are Android and IOS .

Complete Store Management

Fully control your store all the time with the best management system available up to date. You can do this through the administration portal of MNASATI via the web, or through the management app from your smartphone and from anywhere

Multiple Themes for Amazing Interface

MNASATI stores are designed according to the latest international specifications that assures the eye catch dynamism for the storesʼ customers the highest rates of attraction and dynamism for customers.

Advanced Analysis

MNASATI produces an advanced analysis feature to your e-store of reports: detailed sales report, visits report, top selling products, top purchasing customers and deep details that enables you to understand your consumer behavior.

Free customization

Control the look and the characteristics of your store to the maximum extent, everything that your business needs is there and is applicable.

Point of Sale

MNASATI gives an advantage of simplified point of sale module to the vendor to facilitate the trader’s task of managing walk-in customers and store visits bookings.

Digital Products

MNASATI supports the quality of selling digital products like (PDF books, games, iTunes and Google Play cards…etc.) where you can display them via your e-store then your customers will receive their purchases items via e-mail and download it on their smart devices.

Booking System

MNASATI provides the complete booking management feature to your e-store; through a well-prepared software your appointments will be classified and neat, and for your customers, the user-friendly interface will give them the chance to book their appointment with a clear-cut image of the time and place.

Inventory System

MNASATI introduces a distinctive stock management system for the stores. Where the owner can control the number of products and product’s options as well. It’s a perfect tool to manage your products stocks by defining the quantities one time only and keep monitoring them after all.

MNASATI Supports Arabic

MNASATI is available in Arabic and in English as well. It will support many other languages soon!

Shopping in All Its Forms

Accept payments with all cards:

“Give your customers the freedom to pay using the appropriate card for them, as MNASATI stores support all types of payments via Visa , AMEX , and MasterCard, and even KNET, and other kinds of payments methods”

Delivery never an issue:

“Even if you do not provide the delivery service at your store, MNASATI helps you to facilitate the connections with local and worldwide delivery services companies”

Cash on delivery:

“Give your customers the opportunity to pay cash for their orders”

Clients and Guests Records

A file for each client:

“All you need to know about your clients is in their individual client files.”

Account for each client:

“Encourage your regular customers to create personal accounts for them on your store, to facilitate their next shopping process, and to ensure their loyalty to your brand.”

Add your products and services with ease:

“The process of adding services, products and offers is absolutely simple! With one click, edit the list of your products and offers at any time through the distinguished management portal”

Manage your store wherever you are:

“Your store with all your branches is in your pocket! Thanks to MNASATI smart phone application you can manage and track all your store operations, requests, and receive notifications for new orders at any time and any place”

Marketing and SEO

SEO optimization:

“Let the potential customers find your store on popular search engines such as: Google and Bing”

Sale coupons:

“Give your customers the opportunity to purchase discount coupons for your products to use after the sale period ends.”

Precise targeting!

“Precise targeting can greatly increase your sales level by sending your offers to clients who are highly interested in your business.”

Social networks:

“MNASATI stores are compatible with all social media search engines and services. The store customers can shop via their Instagram and Facebook accounts without leaving their interface”

Payment Gateways

MNASATI affords you with a direct connection to local and Gulf payment gateways in a feasible, and simple steps.

Get your revenue automatically within 24 hours

Protection and Safety

SSL Security and Protection Certificates:

“Your store contains the global SSL security and protection certificates provided by the best protection services providers in the world. To keep your store and your customer data safe and confidential”

Permanent security updates for stores and applications:

“MNASATI stores get regular updates that ensure permanent protection from any form of hacking”

The Support is Always Ongoing!

“The dedicated team of developers in MNASATI is always working on updating stores and adding the best services and features that your customers may need.”

Get the support you need whenever you want! Just ask MNASATI for it via email or a phone call

Get advice from the best e-commerce experts around the clock, over the phone.

MNASATI is pleased to give you and your team an intensive training on the e-commerce field in general, and on how to use the services of MNASATI. This service is provided via video calls or in coordinated meetings.

Follow-up and Reports

Control Board:

“A dynamic control panel, which allows you to track all your sales and the movements of the audience on your store. In addition to following-up the payment processes and the status of requests to develop future plans based on professional information about your customers.”

Detailed Reports:

“Starting from product reports, daily, weekly and monthly sales, and reports for each customer or customer groups, to much more. You will be able to know the details of all your store operations accurately, immediately upon order”

Google Analytics:

“Adding Google Analytics to your online store helps you track audience movement across your store; allowing you to study the results of your marketing campaigns accurately”


You are not restricted to a specific number of products and services. Display your products and services no matter how many, and provide the greatest amount of diversity for your customers.

Unlimited classifications:

“Classify your products according to their type, size and color, or by any classification that suits the type of products you offer.”

Attach multiple images:

“Attach a number of images for each product, so that your customers can see it up close before purchasing it, and maintain the transparency it provides”

Domain and Web Hosting

Every store owner in MNASATI owns the domain of his store, forever. What makes it even better that MNASATI does not charge a fee for the store’s domains!

Start creating an email with your store name right away! [email protected]

What is worth mentioning too, MNASATI does not charge any fees for unlimited web hosting for the duration of your subscription.

Mobile App

Enjoy a special application to manage your store on MNASATI, that works very efficiently on both OS IOS and Android.

Maximum security and protection for the application and all your store information.

Track your sales and payments for your store, for all your branches, from one place, all the time.

Get notified of every new order on your smartphone, as soon as it arrives.

Track payments, cards, and all financial matters through the app.

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