Privacy Policy

We - Mnasati team - are welcoming you to our website and thanking you very much for your trust in our outstanding services. Firstly, we would like to inform you that we are fully aware of the business owner’s full rights and are keen to ensure the fulfillment of those rights as he contracts with Mnasati. We always strive to keep the confidentiality and privacy of the business owner's information and data, in accordance with the privacy policy mechanism and confidentiality of information in Mnasati. We, therefore, note you that in accordance with the Employment Agreement between you as a business owner and Mnasati as a company, this document informs you of the Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Of The Information applicable in Mnasati and that in accordance with Section 4 of Article 15 of the Employment Agreement, we have established these rules. ” Privacy Policy and Information Confidentiality” to clarify and determine the confidentiality and privacy mechanism adopted in Mnasati. Please take your time reviewing these terms, because as soon as you log in to Mnasati and set up your e-store, all your information and data are subject to this policy.

Information Mnasati obtains and maintains in its systems: owner’s personal information as follows: (Name, E-mail, Civil id Number or Residence Number).

2.Information about the e-store as follows: (Store Name, Customer Service Number, Main Branch Address and any other Branches if there any).

3.E-store’s login information as follows: (Username, Password, and Email Address).

4.E-store's bank statements, for the reason of electronically link the bank account with each payment method as follows: (Name, Account Number and IBAN).

Business owner and e-store information confidentiality :

1.Mnasati always seeks to maintain the confidentiality of the information of its users. And the business owner and E-store Privacy Policy does not violate any of the Usage Agreement terms, Privacy Policy, or Information Confidentiality. However, since this cannot be guaranteed 100% in the wide internet space, Mnasati team states that:

2.Mnasati seeks to preserve all information about the store and not to be shared with anyone in violation of the policies of Mnasati.

3.Mnasati protects the business owner’s and the e-store’s information using high-quality protection systems that are constantly updated.

Information related to the e-store customers :

1.As Mnasati always strives to maintain the quality of the e-store and to improve its performance, it always keeps an eye on (the numbers of e-store’s customers and their segments).

E-store's private information Share :

1.Mnasati naturally seeks to keep this information confidential and protect the privacy of the business owner. Mnasati retains this information only in order to improve the quality of services provided and the quality of the e-store and to facilitate the workflow for the business owner and the e-store.

2.None of this information is accessed except by some of Mnasati's administrators who have officially obtained the authorization to access for that information from the Administration of Mnasati and — this statement is specific, restricted and subject to legal and administrative control — and the management of Mnasati guarantee that all of this information are not published/ all or part of it, with any third party, who is not legally authorized to have access to it.

3.In order to maintain the integrity of the e-store's business and the rights of the business owner, in the event that the management of Mnasati notes any irregular or illegal activity by the business owner, Mnasati, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this Employment Agreement, shares any of this information with the competent authorities to take the necessary action against the business owner or the violator's e-store, in order to protect Mnasati and the rest of its users (Business Owners, E-stores Managers and Customers) from any legal liability that may arise to one of its users as a result of this illegal or irregular activity on the platform.

Information related to Revenue, Products, and/ or Services of stores :

1.Mnasati is always on the lookout for the e-store's revenue, as the business owner uses Mnasati payment gateways.

Mnasati always has permission to know the products and/ or services offered in the e-store types.

Mnasati is always aware of the e-store’s performance, to provide any advice and guidance needed for the business owner or the e-store’s manager to help them solve problems and improve performance.

Strategic and logistics services (third-party services) :

1.The business owner acknowledges with his full indubitable knowledge that if he applies to a third-party service, he thus grants his full and complete authorization to Mnasati management to provide that third-party service provider, with the data of the business owner, e-store or users involved in this service providing: (Username, Personal Phone, Email, Civil Number, Address and other information needed by the service provider - third party). And this is so that the third-party service provider, can provide the required service that the business owner has subscribed to.